Woman Believes that a Dog Cured Her Depression

Julie Barton poses with Bunker in 2007, shortly before he passed.
Photo courtesy of Julie Barton, via nypost.com

We have posted a lot about the healing powers of dogs, and a new book makes the case that a Golden Retriever puppy named Bunker saved Julie Barton’s life. At twenty-two years old, . . .

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The Video That Caused George Clooney to Adopt an Elderly, Sick Stray

Einstein now lives in an Italian villa, in the lap of luxury, with one of the world’s most famous men.
Photo via huffingtonpost.com

George Clooney could have had any dog in the world, chosen from the highest-quality breeder, but instead he chose a old Cocker Spaniel who was recovering from illness and living with a. . .

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Video: Harry the Dirty Dog Read by Betty White

When I was a child, I adored the Harry books by Gene Zion, with illustrations by Margaret Bloy Graham. But far and away, my favorite was Harry the Dirty Dog. It’s no secret why, really: what little boy doesn’t love to spend all day getting filthy? When I had kids of my own, . . .

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Beloved Poet Mary Oliver’s New Book Is All About Dogs

The poet Mary Oliver with Ricky, one comforting presence in her new collection, “Dog Songs.”
Photo via nytimes.com

Mary Oliver is one of America’s most popular poets, a Pulitzer Prize winner, and her books end up on bestseller lists regularly. Her latest offering, Dog Songs, offers 35 poems and an essay about (wo)man’s best friend. In a great article in. . .

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Wonderful Online Book: “Dog Shows and Doggy People” from 1902

The Queen of England poses with her Russian Wolfhound and Japanese Spaniel.

This morning, I ran across this fascinating online edition of a 1902 book, Dog Shows and Doggy People, by C.H. Lane, F.Z.S. (The letters mark his as a Fellow of the Zoological Society, London.) The book offers a wonderful window into how dogs were treated by the aristocracy in turn-of-the-century. . .

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New Graphic Novel Features Stray Dog As Hero

Graphic artist Graham Chafee’s new book will appeal to dog lovers.
Image via boingboing.net

Graham Chaffee is not well-known outside the world of graphic novels and comics books, but that’s about to change. His new book is called Good Dog and features as a hero a stray named. . .

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Author Event at Orvis New York City: Gwen Huneck “Sally Discovers New York”

Recognize this? Orvis New York City (489 5th Ave.) makes an appearance
in Gwen Huneck’s “Sally Discovers New York”
photo by Illustration from Sally Discovers New York

On May 5th, Orvis New York City at 489 5th Ave. will host a Meet the Author event with Gwen Huneck. Mrs. Huneck continues the legacy of her late husband, New York Times bestselling author and artist Stephen Huneck, with the. . .

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