Check Out 9 of the World’s Largest Dog Breeds

Although it is not the tallest breed, the Great Dane towers above many others.
Photo via

A new article on the Mother Nature Network website features the world’s largest breeds, in both height and weight, and it include lots of great photos. All the breeds you’d expect to see. . .

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Guest Post: The Wisdom of DNA-Testing Your Mutt

Written by: Kimberly Wang

Sweet Theo relaxes in New York City’s West Village.
All photos courtesy Kimberly Wang, via

“Is that a Canaan dog?”

Theo was still an adolescent the day we met the woman who asked that question ten years ago…the first time we’d heard of a Canaan. At the moment, we were focused on our destination: . . .

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American Kennel Club Recognizes Four New Breeds

Aria, a Bergamasco, spends her days at The Quirky Pet in Montpelier, Vermont.
Photo by Phil Monahan

Whether or not you approve of the American Kennel Club or their work—many dog lovers prefer mixed breeds or rescue dogs—the organization does have tremendous influence on the. . .

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Graphic Artist Creates a Visual Ranking of Dog Breeds

Photo via Gizmodo

It takes a brave person to set out to rank dogs into categories such as “Inexplicitly overrated” and “Overlooked treasures,” but designer David McCandless has done just that in this infographic called “Best in Show: The. . .

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The Top 10 Dog Breeds in the U.S. and Why We Love Them

Here’s a cool graphic feature from mashable that identifies the ten most popular breeds in America, but then goes a couple steps further, breaking things down by region and then even by gender. Does your dog make the list, and. . .

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Two New Breeds to Compete at the Westminster Kennel Club Show

The Wirehaired Vizsla (left) and the Coton de Tulear bring the total to 192 breeds in the competition.
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The Westminster Kennel Club recently announced that two new breeds will be added to the list competing at the organization’s annual show at Madison Square Garden. The Wirehaired Vizsla, a hunting breed originally from Hungar, and the Coton de Tuléar, named for. . .

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