Scientists Still Baffled by New Dog-Virus Outbreaks

Knowing the first signs of a potentially dangerous illness could be the key to proper treatment.
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This news report from Virginia (link below) is a bit alarmist, I would say, but it does contain information that dog owners should be aware of. In recent months, we have seen three cases in three different states of. . .

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Video: How to Give Your Dog a Health Check

Every dog owner is concerned about the health of his or her best friend, but do you actually do a regular health check? Here’s a good video featuring English veterinarian Matt Brash explaining a few simple things you can do to help ensure you don’t let any problems get by you.

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Video: Deadly Dog Virus Appears in Michigan

Since August, we’ve posted a couple times about a mystery dog virus that appeared in the area around Columbus, Ohio. (See here and here.) Now, however, dogs are getting sick and dying around Ann Arbor, Michigan, as well. Even scarier is that. . .

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Video: Busy Paws Are Better

Here’s a short, fun video with a very positive message for dog owners. The star is Rockley, a two-year-old German Shorthaired pointer. He’s handsome, eh?

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Serious Question: Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Why does Dot like to chew on the green stuff?
Photo by Susan, Marengo

An interesting article on dogster today addresses an age-old question: Why the heck do dogs chew on grass? Do they need it for some dietary reason? Does it signify some health problem? Do they simply like it? The answer is an. . .

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5 Steps to Keeping Your Dog Healthy for Life

Much of this is commonsense stuff, but the report from Little Rock’s KTHV contains enough smart advice to warrant repeating. These 5 pet-care basics can help a dog live a longer, healthier life. The first one deals with a very common. . .

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