What to Do if Your Dog Swallowed a Fish Hook

By: Sondra Wolfer

Fishing with dogs can be a blast, but it comes with certain risks.
Photo by Dylan Tucker, Tucker Fly Fishing

Most veterinarians near bodies of water have treated their share of dogs who’ve swallowed fish hooks whole, or who have fish hooks imbedded in their skin. It only takes an instant. Your dog . . .

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Morris Animal Foundation: Heart Disease in Dogs

Help your best pal stay healthy
Photo by Morris Animal Foundation

Five common signs of heart disease in dogs

By Dr. Kelly Diehl
Scientific Adviser
Morris Animal Foundation

Heart disease is a common problem in dogs that can be caused by a variety of underlying diseases including heart valve degeneration, irregular heart rate and rhythm (arrhythmia), and heart muscle disease. Despite the different types of heart diseases affecting dogs, many share common signs that can alert an owner to a problem….

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Three Good Reasons to Restrain Your Dog in the Car

By: Deb German

You’ll feel safer and more confident on the road knowing that your best friend is buckled in.
Photo via orvis.com

The holiday travel season is upon us: millions of Americans will soon head to destinations near and far for family celebrations, and for many the family includes the dog. Do you routinely . . .

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How to Puppy-Proof Your Home

Written by: Jill Jones

Puppies look cute when they behave, but always be on alert.
Photo by Debbie, Beaumont

Puppies! How can something so cute be such trouble? Their tendency to chew on almost anything–including shoes, furniture, toys, books, and electrical cords, to name a few . . .

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Six Games to Play With Your Dog in the Snow

Written by: Sondra Wolfer

Some dogs love nothing more than catching snowballs.
Photo by Wendy, Gilford

You don’t need a special reason to get outside to play with your dog. Still, a thick blanket of snow on the ground is a uniquely joyful excuse to cavort outdoors with your best friend. The sight of . . .

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Tips for Safe Play with Your Dog

Owen, like many dogs, loves to play tug of war.
Photo by Anne, Portland

Regular play with your dog is important for both of you. It ensures that your dog gets the exercise he needs, prevents boredom, and reinforces obedience training and communications . . .

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How to Recognize Signs of Frostbite and Hypothermia in Dogs

Written by: Deb German

It’s important that you keep vigilant for signs of problems in cold weather.
Photo by Carrie, Lake Forest

Two conditions—frostbite and hypothermia in dogs—often join ranks, with extreme cold as a common denominator. Playing outdoors in the winter can be joyous for your dog, but . . .

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How to Keep Your Dog Warm When it’s Cold Outside

Written by: Sondra Wolfer

Puppies are particularly susceptible to the cold, so limit their outside playtime when the mercury drops.
Photo by Erin, Forked River

All that fur can fool you into thinking your dog can head outside as-is on cold days. But depending on your dog and the weather, your best friend may need to layer up with a dog coat or keep . . .

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The Best Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Written by: Deb German

The Kong is a great toy for dogs prone to chewing.
Photo by Jessie, Rochester

All dogs chew: it is an expression of their natural instinct to shred, tear, and pull like they would prey in the wild. And some dogs—our beloved Labs, for example—are genetically . . .

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