Stem Cell Research Offers Promise for Treatments in Dogs

By Kelly Diehl, DVM, MS
Science Writer, Morris Animal Foundation

Some good buddies hang out together
Photo by Morris Animal Foundation

Tune in to your favorite television news or pick up a newspaper, and chances are you’ll find articles related to stem cells. Stem cells were first identified nearly 40 years ago, but in the last two decades scientists have begun to discover how to harness the power of these unique cells to treat disease, particularly in the fields of orthopedics and organ regeneration….

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Tips for Road Trips with Your Dog

Junior and Fido are ready to roll!
Photo by Tricia, Atlanta

Summer is a great time for long road trips, but these can be particularly hard on your dog. Author Candyce Stapen has a ton of great suggestions for ways that you can both prepare your. . .

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9 Tips to Help Your Dog During Thunderstorms

Even though his owner was a meteorologist, Theo was not a fan of severe weather.
Photo via

Summer means increased thunderstorm activity across the country, and many dogs struggle when the sky starts booming. Here are some great tips from meteorologist Eric Sorenson, who. . .

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Health Tips: How to Care for Your Dog’s Paws

Admittedly, wild crabs are not your average paw hazard, but you should pay attention to the special places where the proverbial rubber meets the road.
Photo courtesy Joe, Collegeville

When you think about it, dog’s feet are really incredibly tough. Consider all the potentially hazardous things you’ve seen your dog run over or through without incurring injury. But this should not create a false sense of security. That’s why everyone should read Diana Laverdue’s article on dogster about how to keep. . .

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Infographic: Top 10 Tips to Avoid Heatstroke

Dr. Bo Bergman, a.k.a. the Dogtor, offers great tips for keeping your dog safe in hot weather. (Click to enlarge.)
Graphic by James Daley

Starting in spring, we post constant reminders about dealing with heat: in cars, when you’re outside playing, or even at home. We asked our favorite veterinarian, Dr. Bo Bergman, to give us his. . .

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Who’s Watching the Dog Walkers? No One, Apparently.

Dog walkers and other pet providers are largely unsupervised in Chicago.
Photo via

The sight of someone walking a pack of dogs, holding a handful of leashes and a plethora of plastic bags, is commplace in cities across America. But writing in the Chicago Tribune, Bill. . .

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Morris Animal Foundation: Lucky 3,000

Chloe: Adorable #3,000 in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study
Photo by Morris Animal Foundation

The following post was sent to us by our friends at the Morris Animal Foundation, whose work is supported, in part, by the Orvis Cover Dog Contest:

When we started recruiting dogs for our Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study – the largest and longest research effort ever undertaken to improve the health of dogs – we were just a little bit worried. We had a goal of enrolling 3,000 dogs to make sure the study was scientifically strong. But would that many Golden Retriever owners be willing to sign up for a study that required a commitment of, quite literally, their dog’s lifetime?…

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Petfinder: Hygiene Counts!

Photo by Humane Society of Delaware County

Say you’re a reasonably attractive plus-size dog who, through no fault of your own, ends up in a shelter. And although the staff at the shelter is very kind to you…

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