5 Tips on How to Speak Dog

Would you know how best to communicate with Champ?
Photo by Monica, Littleton

An article posted yesterday on parade.com offers five tips for communicating with dogs in a nonverbal way. According to author Michelle C. Hollow, . . .

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The Incredible Dog Nose as a Scientific Tool

Dogs exhale through the side slits of their nostrils so exhaling air doesn’t dilute the scent of incoming air.
Photo via npr.com

A fascinating story on npr.com today focuses on how scientists are using dogs to help in field work. Specifically, the story features a Groenendael (Beligian sheepdog) named Sharpy, who is being trained to sniff out the nests of. . .

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7 Signs of Affection From Your Dog

We can all name the cartoonishly obvious signs of doggy affection: slobbery kisses from forehead to chin, or exuberant tail wags that involve the entire back half of the dog. Even a mouthing dog might be showing his eager affection—some retrievers seem to feel that all of life’s most wonderful moments are more meaningful with something, anything, in their mouths. 

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