What Size Crate Should I Get for My Dog?

Photo via orvis.com

Having made the decision to adopt a dog, it’s time to start making a list of all the supplies and equipment you need before bringing her home. One of the bigger items on the list is probably a crate. Doubtless many of your dog-owning friends have one and maybe you’ve heard that experts recommend them. A dog crate can serve as a really useful training aid as well as an important refuge for your dog. For maximum…

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How to Adopt a Shelter Dog

All of these dogs came from shelters and are beloved family members of Orvis associates.
Photos by Les Jorgensen

There is a common saying in animal rescue circles: when you adopt a “shelter dog,” you actually save two lives: the life of the dog you are adopting and the life of a dog who is then able to take . . .

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