Photos: Amazing Shots of Dogs Catching Treats

Photo by Christian Vieler via

Thinking of new ways to capture the personalities of dogs is a tough job, so it’s great when a photographer lands on a truly new idea. German lensman Christian Vieler realized that. . .

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The Strangest Dog Controversy Ever?

Photo via facebook/

As you probably know, the Internet can be a strange place, indeed, and the recent amount of conversation devoted to the above image is a good example. The question was first. . .

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Video: The Best Ball Boys in the World

This is a really fun video video to promote an upcoming professional-tennis tournament in Auckland, New Zealand, and features three of the cutest ball boys you’ve ever seen. Ted, . . .

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Video: If Dogs Could Apologize

We’ve all seen the sorry look that our dogs give us when they know that they’ve done something wrong. (Or is it that they know they’re going to be punished?) Here’s a video that posits what could happen if they could. . .

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Video: The Incredibly Silly “Dachshund’s Creek”

After posting two pretty serious stories today, about dog abuse and puppy mills, I was looking for something a little lighter, when I stumbled across this gem. It might be the silliest thing ever to appear on the Orvis Dogs blog, but it’s also ridiculously engaging, especially for. . .

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Video: Dog Wants a Kitty

Yes, I know that I am late to this party, but I am posting this assuming that there are others who, like me, somehow missed seeing this video back when it came out in April. Everything about this is wonderful, from the incredibly expressive. . .

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