The Craziest Dog Story You’ve Ever Heard, But with a Happy Ending

Lexie Sanders was reunited with her dog, Phineas, on Saturday.
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We have posted many times about dogs who have been unfairly deemed “vicious” and condemned to death. (Perhaps the saddest was that of Wicca.) But none of those stories have been as wildly strange and full of twists and turns as. . .

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Iowa Court Overturns Conviction of Man Who Beat His Dog to Death

In a shocking turn of events, an Iowa court of appeals has thrown out the conviction of a man who was found guilty of animal torture in December 2011. According to the story in USA Today, the case stemmed from an incident in which Zachary S. MeerdinkĀ beat his 7-month-old Boston Terrier to death with a baseball bat, after it had. . .

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