Disabled Man Sues McDonald’s Over His Treatment Because of a Service Dog

Robert Mingo says employees at McDonald’s twice resisted serving him because of his service dog, Max.
Photo via startribune.com

A Minneapolis man who suffers from muscular dystrophy alleges in a lawsuit that he was twice confronted and humiliated when he tried to enter a McDonald’s franchise with his. . .

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Oregon Appeals Court Rules That Pets Are “Property,” Lets Abuser Go Free

A decision reversing the animal-neglect conviction of a dog owner was made
by a three-judge panel of the Oregon Court of Appeals.
Photo by Oregon Judicial Department

We have posted about this problem before: that, in the eyes of the law, dogs are often seen as nothing more than property. Well, a three-member panel of the Oregon Appeals Court codified that legal definition on. . .

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New York Woman Earns a $150K Settlement Over Harassment of Her Service Dog on Public Transit

Estelle Stamm riding with her beloved service dog Wargas.
Photo via nydailynews.com

A New York City woman who sued the Transit Department over what she calls years of harassment over taking her service dog on subways and busses, has been awarded a $150,000 settlement by a judge. Estelle Stamm suffers from PTSD and depression, and the presence of her Anatolian Shepherd, Wargas, helps her function in the. . .

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5 Years After Omaha Adopted Tough Dogs Laws, the Results Are Praised

Matthew Lane’s Pit Bull mix Dallas got removed from the list after taking steps to improve his behavior.
Photo via omaha.com

A long story on omaha.com today takes a look at Omaha’s “dangerous” dogs five years after strict laws were passed, following a 2008 attack on a woman and her daughter by a neighbor’s Pit Bull. The tough ordinance put in place: . . .

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Feds Crack Down on Puppy Mills That Sell Dogs Online

Bad breeders who keep dogs in appalling conditions can’t hide out on the Internet anymore.
Photo via pennlive.com

In a move that is sure to be applauded by dog lovers everywhere, the U.S Department of Agriculture has closed a legal loophole that allowed puppy mills to continue to operate without oversight by selling dogs over the Internet. Whereas the Animal Welfare Act imposed regulations on those breeders who sell to. . .

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