Video: “A Dog’s Purpose” Trailer

Here’s a beautiful, heartfelt trailer for the film version of W. Bruce Cameron’s 2010 book, A Dog’s Purpose. Told from a dog’s perspective (though the narration of actor Josh Gad), it’s a story . . .

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Cops Pay Vet Bills for Dog Who Protected His Owner

Fellony, above, a 10-month-old mixed breed who was shot while in front of his owner Wednesday night.
Photo via

When two Boston police officers showed up at the scene of a shooting on Wednesday night, they found a 10-month-old mixed-breed pup wounded and limping. According to Fellony’s owner, . . .

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Celebrate National Dog Day With Us on Friday!

Song, Cayenne, Ellie, and Brix are just a few dogs belonging to Orvis associates who’ll be celebrating.
Photos by Nina Ossont, Steve Hemkens, Christine Atkins, and Scott McEneney

This Friday, August 26, is the 12th annual National Dog Day, an annual event conceived by animal advocate Colleen Paige back in 2004. The mission of the celebration is straightforward: . . .

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Minnesota Town Elects Dog to His Third Term as Mayor

Duke is almost universally supported in his role as mayor.

While the Presidential race divides the country, one small-town candidate has managed to bridge the gulf between parties and create consensus. A nine-year-old Great Pyrenees named . . .

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Do You Think Your Dog Prefers Praise or a Treat?

Pedey will take praise (and a belly rub) over a treat any day.
Photo by Phil Monahan

Anyone who has ever tried to train a dog to sit, stay, or come knows that positive reinforcement is the key to the whole process. For some dog lovers, a handful of small treats serves as a . . .

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