Florida Dog Gets Cutest Mugshot Ever

This will go on her permanent record.
Photo via abcnews.go.com

When a police officer in Tarpon Springs, Florida, picked up a stray dog without any tags, he brought her to the police station to see if he could find her owners. Then the police. . .

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Woman Believes that a Dog Cured Her Depression

Julie Barton poses with Bunker in 2007, shortly before he passed.
Photo courtesy of Julie Barton, via nypost.com

We have posted a lot about the healing powers of dogs, and a new book makes the case that a Golden Retriever puppy named Bunker saved Julie Barton’s life. At twenty-two years old, . . .

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Photos: Is This the Best Dog Beach in the World?

A cute dog enjoys playing in the ocean at Croatia’s Podvorska Beach.
Reuters photo by Antonio Bronic via aol.com

We like to think that we’re pretty progressive about dogs in this country, but check out the amenities at Podvorska Beach, in Crikvenica, Croatia. The pebbled beach has a shower just. . .

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Photos and Story: Dog and Guinea Pig are Best Friends

Rex and Smores are inseparable.
Photo via thedodo.com

Rex the Boxer suffers from degenerative myelopathy, a spinal disease that leads to paralysis of a dog’s back legs. Last year, he was sitting in a kill shelter in Orange County, California, when. . .

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Petfinder: A Helping Hand for Hank

Highly Adoptable Hank
Photo by Petfinder

Sometimes all a guy needs to make himself appealing is a little polish! Such was the case with Hank, who arrived at the Southwest Ohio Doberman Rescue with some behavior issues. Hank is a sweet-tempered two-year-old who came to the Rescue from a shelter in West Virginia. His previous owners had gotten him as a very young puppy, and were unprepared for the energetic demands of a full-grown dog….

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Vermont Now Allows Rescue of Dogs from Hot Cars

Dez Marcello, a veterinary technician, recently rescued a dog locked in a hot car in Vermont.
Photo by EROS HOAGLAND/ Burlington Free Press

It’s a conundrum that we post about frequently: Someone finds a dog suffering in a locked car on a hot day, but they’re not sure if they should risk breaking a window to free the animal. Well, as. . .

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Video: A Sailor and Her Dog are Reunited

I love these kinds of videos, and it’s been a while since we featured one. Second-class petty officer Christina Baez has been overseas for a year, serving in the Navy, and her beloved Pit Bull, . . .

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Video: Inspirational Dogs Help Kids Heal in Physical Therapy

Nine-year-old Sophia gets a boost from Handsome, a deaf therapy dog, during physical therapy sessions.
Photo Courtesy Akron Children’s Hospital

Here’s a beautiful story to help wipe away the taste of that last one: When children have to go through intensive physical therapy at a hospital in Akron, Ohio, they often get a bit of. . .

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