Petfinder: A Helping Hand for Hank

Highly Adoptable Hank
Photo by Petfinder

Sometimes all a guy needs to make himself appealing is a little polish! Such was the case with Hank, who arrived at the Southwest Ohio Doberman Rescue with some behavior issues. Hank is a sweet-tempered two-year-old who came to the Rescue from a shelter in West Virginia. His previous owners had gotten him as a very young puppy, and were unprepared for the energetic demands of a full-grown dog….

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Vermont Now Allows Rescue of Dogs from Hot Cars

Dez Marcello, a veterinary technician, recently rescued a dog locked in a hot car in Vermont.
Photo by EROS HOAGLAND/ Burlington Free Press

It’s a conundrum that we post about frequently: Someone finds a dog suffering in a locked car on a hot day, but they’re not sure if they should risk breaking a window to free the animal. Well, as. . .

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Video: A Sailor and Her Dog are Reunited

I love these kinds of videos, and it’s been a while since we featured one. Second-class petty officer Christina Baez has been overseas for a year, serving in the Navy, and her beloved Pit Bull, . . .

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Video: Inspirational Dogs Help Kids Heal in Physical Therapy

Nine-year-old Sophia gets a boost from Handsome, a deaf therapy dog, during physical therapy sessions.
Photo Courtesy Akron Children’s Hospital

Here’s a beautiful story to help wipe away the taste of that last one: When children have to go through intensive physical therapy at a hospital in Akron, Ohio, they often get a bit of. . .

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Video: Girl teaches Dog Sign Language

Here’s a sweet news report from Pasedena, California, about a young, deaf girl and her best friend. Julia was born deaf, and she is trying to teach him sign language. So far, he seems. . .

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