Woman Spends £3,000 to Rescue Dog She Met on Vacation in Southeast Asia

Elise Dixie and Snooky, whom she rescued from Cambodia.
Photo via dailymail.co.uk

Here’s a great story from the Daily Mail: A young Englishwoman on vacation in Cambodia met a sickly little puppy, missing much of its hair and sporting a distended stomach. Unable to watch the poor animal suffer, Elise Dixie took the dog to a local vet, who said the pup was two weeks from death. Dixie paid for. . .

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New Yorkers Using Bogus Therapy Dog Tags, Making Things Difficult for Real Service Dogs

A fake therapy dog accompanies its owner in a New York grocery store.
Photo via nypost.com

We post frequently about situations in which people with service dogs are either denied service or asked to leave a business, and we are usually pretty hard on the business owners and employees who make these wrongheaded and illegal decisions. But we must be equally strong in our disapproval of folks who. . .

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Owning a Dog Is Linked to Reduced Heart Risk

Perhaps we should call them “cardiologists’ helpers.”
photo by photo via New York Times

We already know that owning a dog is good for your health, both mental and physical, but here’s a fascinating story that gets to specific benefits. According to the American Heart Association, the presence of a dog in your household is “probably associated” with a reduced risk of. . .

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One Expensive Dog Treat: Golden Retriever Chows Down $500 in Cash

Sundance likes an expensive dinner, apparently.
Photo via helenair.com

A Helena, Montana, couple found out the hard way that their Golden Retriever, Sundance, has expensive tastes. Wayne Klinkel and his wife were on a road trip to Denver, when they stopped for dinner, leaving 12-year-old Sundance in the car. They also (strangely) left five $100 bills and a $1 bill in a cubbyhole inside the car. When they returned, Klinkel immediately knew something was. . .

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How Much Would You Spend on Surgery to Save Your Old Dog?

Max is recovering well from his surgery, which should
offer him a couple more years of a good life.

photo via The New York Times

An article by Roz Warren in today’s New York Times poses some hard questions that many dog owners face: how much are you willing to spend on your dog? and When is it time to let your pet go? In this case, the patient is a beautiful little bichon frisé named Max, who at. . .

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