Congrats to Our Recent Orvis Cover Dog Winners!

It’s that time again to announce our Orvis Cover Dog Contest winners who will appear on our 2019 Spring and Summer Dog Books.

As always your photos and participation did not disappoint. From April through September we received just shy of . . .

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How to Take Holiday Photos of Your Dog

A great holiday photo features a relaxed dog, natural light, the right angle, and more.
Photo by Rhonda, San Antonio

You don’t need a special occasion to snap photos of your beloved dog, but at holiday time you probably want a frame-worthy picture of your furry best friend. For many, capturing a dog’s . . .

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The Benefits of Adopting a Senior Dog

Written by: Catherine Joslin

Older dogs have a lot to offer.
Photos by Jane Sobel Klonsky

Adding a new dog to the family is an exciting occasion. You click through the list of adoptable animals at your local animal shelter and ooh and aah over the adorably round, fluffy . . .

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Petfinder: A Happy Ending for a Champ

Comet: A Retired Athlete
Photo by Cache Humane Society

Take a look at that picture! Is that a gorgeous dog or what?! Her name is Comet, and in her youth, she was a champion Iditarod racer. She was born and raised in France, where her owner bought her and brought her back to the United States to breed her. What self-respecting male dog could pass up a face like that?! …

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Petfinder: Faithful Friends

Sheriff, a guy just looking for a friend
Photo by Faithful Friends Animal Society

Sometimes all you need is someone you can count on.

Sheriff is an American Shelter Dog who was rescued from a neglectful situation by the good folks at Faithful Friends Animal Society in Wilmington, DE. That kind of a start in life can leave you pretty rattled! The staff at Faithful Friends decided it would be a good idea to let Sheriff get a little R&R for a while in a foster home with a quiet environment.

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Classic Story: How My Dog Taught Me The Value Of Love

Natasha and Peeky shared so much together over more than a decade.
Photo by Natasha Abadilla

Here’s a beautiful essay from a young woman named Natasha Abadilla, who writes about the important lessons she learned from her best friend of 11 years, Peeky. It’s wonderful that. . .

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Photos: Is This a Dog’s Dream Job?

Bailey is always on the watch for winged intruders.

Most dogs get scolded when they chase birds, but one lucky Border Collie gets to chase seagulls all he wants at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney. Bailey the rescue dog . . .

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Photographer Dresses Up Dogs for Adoption

Paxton has rolled up his sleeves and is ready to work!
Photo by Tammy Swarek

First impressions are important, and bad photography is the bane of many dog shelters. But one photographer is trying to create the opposite effect through elaborate portraits meant. . .

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