Police Dog Pays Tribute to His Fallen Partner

Figo says an emotional goodbye to his fallen partner, Officer Jason Ellis, last week.
Photo via Huffington Post

Last Thursday, Officer Jason Ellis—a policeman from Bardstown, Kentucky—was laid to rest in emotional ceremony attended by officers from as far away as Chicago. Ellis was slain in an ambush, as he cleared debris from the side of a highway ramp. He was a K-9 officer, but his dog, Figo, was not. . .

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Slideshow: Misty’s Journey Back to Health After a Life as a “Bait Dog”

The pillow says it all. . .
Photo via nj.com

A story on nj.com offers a series of photos that show the transformation of Misty—a dog found in the streets of Brooklyn after being used as a “bait dog” in a dog-fighting ring—from a wounded warrior to a healthy and content house dog. Some of the early photos are hard to look at, but they make Misty’s recovery even

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The Story Behind the “Graduate Dog” Photo

Bridget Evans with her service dog Hero and parents on her graduation day.
Photo via today.com

On Wednesday, we posted a photo of a graduate and her service dog on the Orvis Dogs Facebook page, and the image received more likes (almost 2,500) than anything we’ve ever posted before. At the time, the woman’s identity was unknown to us, but then she posted a comment below her picture on our page!

The Today Pets site now has the full story of Bridget and her dog, Hero: . . .

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Photos: Dogs as Supermodels?

All photos via Reddit

Yesterday, on Reddit, someone posted the above picture of his dog, along with the title “If my dog were a human I think he’d be a Calvin Klein model.” Well, Reddit is a site known for tomfoolery, so other users immediately fired up their PhotoShops to imagine what such advertisements would look like. I think they came up with some good ones. And that is one incredibly. . .

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Dogs on Your Big Day

Dogs are a part of our families—why wouldn’t we invite them to our wedding?
photo by photo via The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post recently asked readers to send in pictures of their pooches on their wedding day. The result was an adorable slideshow you can see right. . .

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Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel

Seth Casteel’s photos of dogs underwater are suddenly all over the Internet.
Photo by Seth Casteel

We contacted photographer Seth Casteel a couple weeks ago about doing a slideshow here, but the dang Internet beat us to it. The appearance of his images on Reddit.com resulted in widespread acclaim. Casteel, who calls what he does “lifestyle pet photography,” works in both . . .

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How to Submit a “Dog of the Day” Photo

Harry was our Dog of the Day back in 2011.Photo by Kathleen, Richmond

Several folks have asked how they can submit a photo for our “Orvis Dog of the Day.” It’s easy, and there are two ways you can do it: . . .

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