Classic Photo Essay: The Dog Knows Best

Written by: Dave Hosler

Fritz knows when it’s time to get out of the house and away from all the minor frustrations that live there.
All photos by Dave Hosler

Dave Hosler lives in Indiana and writes a blog called Pilecast, about fly fishing, Fritz the dog, and his beloved Subaru. Here’s his latest dog post. . .

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Story: How One Dog Bed Turned into Seven

One dog in the UK started with a single bed, and is now in the lap of luxury wherever he goes.
Photo via

In 2014, I had the chance to meet an extremely clever dog, who managed to retrieved a pheasant that other dogs could not find. Christmas was less than two weeks away, and knowing the. . .

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Dogs of the Day: Daisy, Perri, and Colby

Perri, and Daisy, 2014
Photo by Lisa Grogan

Two years ago, Lisa and Mike Grogan of Baltimore, Maryland, sent us this adorable shot of their two Yellow Labs—Perri, age 4, and Daisy, 7 weeks—sharing Daisy’s Orvis daisy-print dog. . .

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Video: Meet Dante, the Truffle-Hunting Dog

Dante, a Lagotto Romagnolo, has been trained to hunt for ripe truffles.
Photo by Kelly Lyon/The Register-Guard

Here’s a great story from The Register-Guard in Eugene, Oregon, about a beautiful dog with a tasty job: searching the forest floor for ripe truffles. Dante the Lagotto Romagnolo uses. . .

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Slide Show: Woman’s Gift to Old and Ailing Dogs

Sher Polvinale gives comfort to canines in their twilight years.
Bonnie Jo Mount/The Washington Post

The Washington Post website features a wonderful set of photos of Sher Polvinale and the many senior dogs that she cares for in her home: . . .

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Photos: Amazing Shots of Dogs Catching Treats

Photo by Christian Vieler via

Thinking of new ways to capture the personalities of dogs is a tough job, so it’s great when a photographer lands on a truly new idea. German lensman Christian Vieler realized that. . .

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