Petfinder: Jenny’s Happy Tail

Could you turn away from this face?
Photo by Austin Pets Alive

Jenny is a Boston Terrier puppy who has experienced more than a few ups and downs in her short life. She was purchased from a breeder at six weeks old, and a week later developed parvo virus. Her family was unable to afford the cost of her treatment and she was surrendered to a shelter. For most puppies with parvo, this is quite literally the kiss of death….

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Petfinder: Parvo Puppy ICU

How would you feel about sharing a room with this funny-looking guy?
Photo by Austin Pets Alive!

Canine Parvovirus is a highly contagious, life-threatening disease. With many of the symptoms of flu in humans, puppies and young dogs who have not been vaccinated are most highly at risk. And if catching this nasty bug wasn’t bad enough, the most common treatment for puppies in shelters is euthanasia. No wonder the little fella above looks none too happy….

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Petfinder: Some Dogs Just Need a Job

Pepper being charming
Photo by Catahoula Rescue of New England

Pepper is a little Blue Heeler who was lucky enough to be saved by the kindness of the Catahoula Rescue of New England with some help from an Orvis Customer Matching Grant to the Petfinder Foundation.

It was the night before Pepper was to be put down at a rural shelter in Louisiana when the good folks at Catahoula learned of his plight….

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The Incredible Transformation of Shrek

It’s impossible to believe that Shrek could have survived much longer in this condition.
Photo via

This is an amazing story told in photos. A dog left abandoned in the woods of Ontario, Canada, was so disheveled that the man who found him on a farm thought the dog was “an old carpet or a dead coyote in the field near the bush.” He was brought back to. . .

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Morris Animal Foundation: Lucky 3,000

Chloe: Adorable #3,000 in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study
Photo by Morris Animal Foundation

The following post was sent to us by our friends at the Morris Animal Foundation, whose work is supported, in part, by the Orvis Cover Dog Contest:

When we started recruiting dogs for our Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study – the largest and longest research effort ever undertaken to improve the health of dogs – we were just a little bit worried. We had a goal of enrolling 3,000 dogs to make sure the study was scientifically strong. But would that many Golden Retriever owners be willing to sign up for a study that required a commitment of, quite literally, their dog’s lifetime?…

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Petfinder: A Rose by Any Other Name…

A Sweet Little Rosebud
Photo by Fluvanna SPCA

Rose and her sister Blaze were only about six weeks old when they were found as strays, and brought to the Fluvanna SPCA in Troy, VA. The street is no place for little ones! Although they were sweet and affectionate, it’s hard to put your best paw forward when you’re covered with fleas and ticks! But their luck was about to change…

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