Chinese Millionaire Spends All His Money Saving Dogs

Wang Yan’s shelter has housed up to 1,000 dogs.
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When you think of dog stories coming out of China, with its anti-dog laws and dogmeat festivals, you usually don’t expect something uplifting. But here’s a beautiful story about a former. . .

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Petfinder: When the Rescuee Becomes the Rescuer

Ranger and some good friends
Photo by Arizona Beagle Rescue

Ranger is an affable beagle who, for reasons known only to his previous owner, was abandoned at a remote campsite in Arizona. Fortunately he was found and turned in to Arizona Beagle. . .

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The Video That Caused George Clooney to Adopt an Elderly, Sick Stray

Einstein now lives in an Italian villa, in the lap of luxury, with one of the world’s most famous men.
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George Clooney could have had any dog in the world, chosen from the highest-quality breeder, but instead he chose a old Cocker Spaniel who was recovering from illness and living with a. . .

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Video: Abused Dog Reacts to the Man Who Saved Him

When he was found, Remi was practically lifeless.
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A terrible story of an abused bait dog who was abandoned by the side of the road in a Philadelphia suburb has spawned a viral video that shows the reunion with his rescuer, Russ Harper. The. . .

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