Video: Saving Pups from “Dead Dog Beach”

A team of volunteers is dedicated to rehoming the abandoned dogs of Puerto Rico.
Photo via

Here’s a powerful story from Puerto Rico, where a particular beach in the town of Yabucoa has become a dumping ground for unwanted dogs. But the volunteer organization The Sato. . .

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Detroit Gets Its First No-Kill Dog Shelter

Volunteer Robin Beasley carries a dog named Chevy to have a bath.
Photo by David Guralnick, The Detroit News

We have posted before about the notorious stray-dog problem in the city of Detroit. There’s now new hope for those street dogs because Detroit Dog Rescue, founded four years ago as a. . .

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9 Things You Should Know About Fostering a Dog

Samantha Okazaki falling in love with my third foster dog, Paulie Bleeker Jr. Just look at that face!
Photo by Hilary benas, via

Fostering a dog from a shelter is one of the more rewarding things a dog-lover can do, but as Samantha Okazaki writes, it’s important that you go into the situation with eyes wide. . .

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