Photo Essay: Saving a Puppy Slated for Euthanasia

Written by: Chelsea Whitney

Here is my chocolate shake and chocolate lab puppy, right after I agreed to foster him.
Photos by Chelsea Whitney

On my 30th birthday, a chocolate lab had a c-section at my veterinary clinic and had nine puppies. One had a cleft palate, and the owners opted to euthanize the puppy. Knowing what a sucker. . .

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Florida Dog Gets Cutest Mugshot Ever

This will go on her permanent record.
Photo via

When a police officer in Tarpon Springs, Florida, picked up a stray dog without any tags, he brought her to the police station to see if he could find her owners. Then the police. . .

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Petfinder: A Helping Hand for Hank

Highly Adoptable Hank
Photo by Petfinder

Sometimes all a guy needs to make himself appealing is a little polish! Such was the case with Hank, who arrived at the Southwest Ohio Doberman Rescue with some behavior issues. Hank is a sweet-tempered two-year-old who came to the Rescue from a shelter in West Virginia. His previous owners had gotten him as a very young puppy, and were unprepared for the energetic demands of a full-grown dog….

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