Bus Driver Helps Reunite Runaway Dog and Owner

Sara Lee on the run, as captured by the bus cam.
Photo via pawnation.com

This is such a cool story, told in “bus cam” images, from Milwaukie, Oregon. When city bus driver Leanne Terhune saw Coral Cox chasing her runaway Jack Russel, Sara Lee, she came up with. . .

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Eldad Hagar Travels to Canada to Rescue a Famous Stray

After years living in harsh conditions, Loki will have a warm forever home.
Photo via giftofloki.com

[Editor’s Note: We have posted many amazing rescue videos from Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws, and here is an epic Facebook post from last week, detailing his trip to Canada to rescue one of the more famous strays in that country. It’s pretty incredible stuff. Let’s hope a video is forthcoming.]

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Video: Volunteer Firefighters Rescue Trapped Dachshund

When a 4-year-old Dachshund named Precious fell down a groundhog hole outside her home in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania, local volunteer firefighters responded with dedication. . .and lots of hard work. They worked for more than two hours, digging out behind a retaining wall, to free the. . .

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