Video: A Rescuer’s Creed

Here’s a powerful video from the National Mill Dog Rescue, which is based in Colorado, about what it means to rescue a dog. The message is self-explanatory, and the images are beautiful. For more information, check out the organization’s website.

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Woman Who Lost an Arm in an Automoblile Accident Bonds with an Amputee Dog

Kacee Pavelka knows from experience that her dog is able to do anything.
Photo via

Some people look at a three-legged dog and think of all the things it can’t do. Kacee Pavelka looks at her beautiful pit bull, Hank, differently. One of the reasons she knows that Hank (formerly named Carlos) can do anything is that. . .

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A Terminally Ill Dog Finds Love and Joy at the End of Her life

Lucia was discarded because of her condition, but now she’ll live out her days in a loving home.
Photo by Erica

Here’s a beautiful and heartwarming story about a terminally ill dog who was rescued from a Long Island shelter. Rather than summarize, I’ll let the hero of this tale tell her own story (from her Facebook page): . . .

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