Video: “Abandoned Dogs: A Message for All Humanity”

We frequently highlight Eldad Hagar’s tear-jerking rescue videos on this blog. Now, as part of his effort to raise awareness of dog abandonment, Eldad has put together a short compilation film that takes us through the process of over a dozen pup rescues. Eldad’s message is simple…

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New Shelter in Boston Will House Strays from Puerto Rico

The new facility offers 50′ x 50′ kennels and a fenced-in play space that has grass, trees and a dog house for naps.
Photo courtesdy The Sato Project

We have posted before about the appalling stray-dog problem in Puerto Rico (see a clip from a video about it here), where it is apparently not unusual for folks to just abandon their dogs when they become inconvenient. Now a nonprofit called the Sato Project aims to bring some of these strays to the. . .

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Seven Beagles are Rescued After Spending 4 Years in a Testing Lab

One of the rescued pups heads off with its new owner
Photo by Portland Press Herald

After spending the first four years of their lives in a pharmaceutical testing lab, seven beagles were given a second chance at puppyhood this week. Thanks to the Beagles Freedom Project, an organization that rescues and relocates beagles, the pups experienced their first sniff of fresh air and belly rubs on Monday…

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Video: Dilila’s Incredible Intercontinental Rescue Story

Here’s a wonderful video that follows a German Shepherd from the streets of Taiwan, where she was dumped after outliving her usefulness as a breeding dog, to a loving home in California. It details the efforts of a remarkable Taiwanese rescue organization and an American group that brings dogs across the Pacific to. . .

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Video: Eldad Hagar Rescues Three Abandoned Dogs

Here’s another wonderful video from Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws, although this one has a somewhat bittersweet ending. Three Chihuahuas, abandoned and shot by a BB gun, are living in a drive-through parking lot until Eldad comes along. Working with rescue organization Wags and Walks, he is determined to find these beautiful dogs a. . .

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Video: Pit Bull is Reunited with Owner After Three Years

Eric Hough and his pup Smoke are together again, after spending three years apart. The beloved pit bull disappeared from Hough’s Los Angeles home in 2010. But the years of pain came to a joyous end last month when Hough received some unexpected news…

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