After a Spending Her First Year as a Stray, “Girlie the Power Plant Dog” Has a New Home

Girlie spent the first year of her life living at Exelon power plant in Dallas, Texas.
Photo by Dogster

After spending the past year living as a stray at a Texas power plant, a dog named Girlie has finally found a forever home. A beautiful, one-year-old mixed breed, she spent the first 12 months of her life scavenging around an Exelon facility in Dallas. That’s where Kara Corn, a plant employee, spotted Girlie, and she quickly. . .

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Another Eldad Hagar Rescue Update – Shaggy

Shaggy and her person Patty Hall
Photo via The State

We love the dramatic stories of Hope for Paws/Eldad Hagar’s wonderful dog rescues. Lately, we’ve also been hearing updates about these dogs we’ve come to feel we know. It’s so exciting to see these pups months later, settled in, comfortable, and most importantly, very much at home.

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Video: Good Samaritan Saves the Day for Lost Dog

Here’s a great story from Texas about a lost little dog and the Good Samaritan who saved him. Rocky the Pomeranian slipped out of Elizabeth Nunn’s home on Tuesday and was nowhere to be found. Nunn knew that there was a bobcat roaming the neighborhood, and she was. . .

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Video: A New Ending for Ralph’s Rescue Video

From Annie Hart @ Bill Foundation:

So, this video is how I met Eldad and WHY I got so involved in dog rescue… However, it has a new ending never been seen before! Especially for everyone who has asked, “What happened to Ralph?” I was just a new volunteer at Bill Foundation the first time I saw the. . .

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Abandoned Dog, Born With Genetic Defects, Finds The Perfect Home

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it’s not often that you get such a beautiful example. Miss Flans is an albino Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund mix) who is the product of the worst kind of backyard breeding. Her early life was one of mistreatment, abuse, and finally abandonment. But there was. . .

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Photo Update: Bethany’s Remarkable Recovery!

It’s amazing to see the transformation in Bethany; she hardly looks like the same dog.
Photo courtesy Hope for Paws

On Wednesday, we shared Eldad Hagar’s remarkable video about Bethany, whose was so sick that she could barely stand. Her condition was deplorable, the result of mange and several other infections. But with a lot of love and top-notch veterinary care, her recovery has been astounding. As the above photo shows, there is no such thing as a. . .

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Video: Another Story of Hope, Love, and Recovery

Apparently, it’s “Amazing Recovery Day” on Orvis News, as here’s a second story of a beautiful dog who has come back from horrible suffering and the brink of death. When a young dog was found beaten and left for dead in western Washington State, she fought for her life, and the. . .

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