Video Report: Watch Out for Dog-Flipping Scams

Here’s a remarkable story from Indianapolis of a dog-flipping scam that almost worked. When Rosie, a Miniature Schnauzer, wandered away from her owner, a chain of events was set in motion that highlights the pernicious increase in a relatively new crime: dog-flipping. This is when someone claims a dog as. . .

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Video: Rescued Deaf Pit Bull from North Carolina Finds a New Home with Deaf Woman in New York

Maggie is now with an owner who appreciates her loving nature and sense of humor.
Photo via

Here’s a wonderful story about a dog saved from horrible neglect, chained in a backyard in North Carolina, who has found a forever home with a family that seems tailor-made for her. The poor pit bull’s previous owner hadn’t even bothered to give her a name because she is. . .

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Justice Served: World’s Dumbest Dog Thief Ends Up in Jail

Christopher Young tried to steal a Yorkie like this one at gunpoint, but his own ineptitude got in the way.
Photo via Wikipedia

Thankfully, sometimes the bad guys lose, and Christopher Young is a case in point. Last January, Young approached a young woman in Washington, D.C. who was walking her pet Yorkshire terrier. The criminal mastermind leaped into action. He pointed a handgun at the woman and said, . . .

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Update on Dog Thought to Be Guarding Body of Owner After Oklahoma Tornado

This photo was widely circulated with a caption suggesting that the dog was guarding the body of its owner.
Photo via Facebook

One of the many dog stories to come out of this week’s tragedy in Oklahoma was the tale of a little black dog found guarding the body of its owner. It was a sad story of loss and loyalty. But it turns out not to be true.

Last night, the Oklahoma Country Sheriff’s Department released this statement: . . .

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Soldier Reunited with Dog Missing for 18 Months

Brandon Patterson was serving in Iraq when he learned that his beloved dog, Alfaba, had run away, escaping through a hole in a fence. When he returned Stateside, he looked everywhere, and he couldn’t bring himself to give up and get another dog. The reason he couldn’t find her, he now knows, was that she was being kept in the house of an. . .

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Video: Washington Dog Owner Arrested After Neighbor Films Cruelty

Two of the 14 dogs removed from an Edmonds, Washingt, property on Tuesday.
Photo via KOMO4

Keith Eckert says that the noises of dogs fighting in his neighbor’s yard finally got too much for him to bear, so he had to do something about it. “Get a video, get pictures, get as much as you can,” he said. The Edmonds, Washington man posted his disturbing videos online, and local police took notice. On Tuesday, they arrested Rose Adams and removed the dogs from her property. She has not yet been charged, but. . .

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Video: Eldad Uses a New Trick to Rescue Parker

When a Redlands, California, school teacher saw someone throw a dog out of their car near her school, she called a friend who knew just who could help: Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws. By now, Eldad needs no introduction, as his videos have been moving us and thrilling us for. . .

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