2021 Best Big Cities for Outdoorsy Dog Owners

New York City makes the list as the 8th Best City for Outdoorsy Dog Owners and Their Dogs. Photo: Linh Nguyen via Flickr

Louisville, San Francisco and neighbor, Oakland, took the top three spots on our roundup of the Best 100 Cities for Outdoorsy Dog Owners rankings, which compares the number of dog parks and the distance to the nearest state park for the 100 largest cities in the United States.

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Do You Think Your Dog Prefers Praise or a Treat?

Pedey will take praise (and a belly rub) over a treat any day.
Photo by Phil Monahan

Anyone who has ever tried to train a dog to sit, stay, or come knows that positive reinforcement is the key to the whole process. For some dog lovers, a handful of small treats serves as a . . .

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How Well Can You Read Your Dog’s Expressions?

Can you tell what this dog is feeling from these expressions?
Photos via cnn.com

As dog owners, we tend to read a lot into our best friends’ expressions, since they can’t actually tell us what they are thinking or feeling. But did you ever wonder if your interpretations are. . .

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Video: How Do Dogs See the World?

How much do you know about what your dog really sees? There are many misconceptions about canine vision, and this informative video tries to set the record straight, delving into the. . .

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Scientists Hope to Help Dogs Live Longer

Older dogs, such as James, could see their lives extended if new research pans out.
Photo by Evan, Golden

Perhaps the most bittersweet part of loving a dog is knowing that its life span will be so much shorter than yours. But, according to an article in the MIT Technology Review, there are. . .

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Video: The Science of Dog Smells

“Eau de wet dog” is a scent that we are all familiar with, but do you know why they stink like that? And how does a dog use its nose to decide what to eat? The video above, from the American. . .

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Animal Behaviorist Alexandra Horowitz Reveals Truths About Dogs

Best-selling author and behaviorist Dr. Alexandra Horowitz and Finnegan the dog.
Photo via philly.com

Dr. Alexandra Horowitz is a Barnard College professor and animal behaviorist whose work focuses on dogs. She combines the affection of a dog lover with the rigor of a scientist, and her. . .

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Video: Think You Know How a Dog Drinks? Guess Again

The “ladle” formed by a dog’s tongue fooled scientists into thinking they had the answer.
Photo via dogster.com

Anyone who has ever watched a dog drink—and witnessed the often messy aftermath—has wondered just what’s happening with all that tongue lapping and lip smacking. Well, here’s. . .

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