New Study: Dogs Can Tell If You’re Untrustworthy

Does your dog know when you’re not being straight-up?
Photo by Kathryn, Hemet

You know how some folks say that their dog can tell when a person just isn’t right? I’ve heard a lot of folks talk about how they trust their pup’s instincts about strangers. If the dog doesn’t like a. . .

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Do Dogs Understand Words or Emotions?

When your dog looks like he’s paying attantion, what’s he paying attention to?
Photo by Allen, Boise

We all talk to our dogs, all day long. Go get the ball! Off the couch! Do you need to go out? But how much of what we say do they actually understand? I would guess that most dog owners overestimate the effectiveness of specific words, but. . .

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Scientists Discover Why Dogs Look Like Their Owners

Illustration by Mark Alan Stamaty, via

It’s a commonplace remark that many people and their dogs look alike, but how could this be actually true? Some scientists in Japan decided to try to find out. What they. . .

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Bacteria On Dog Lovers’ Skin Reveal Their Affection

Mango shows off the bacteria living on her tongue, which also flourish on her owner’s skin.
photo via

Well, it looks like there really is such as thing as a dog person.

Humans who share their homes with canines also share the similar bacterial houseguests on their skin, ecologists Tuesday in the. . .

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