Blind, Sick, Elderly Dog Spends His First Christmas In A Loving Home

Blackie will now spend her final days surrounded by love and warmth.

Blackie is a 14-year-old, blind, sick dog whose owners brought him into a Texas shelter just before Christmas. They thought that the shelter would simply put the dog down, but then something. . .

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Video: Shelter Dogs Are Trained to Save Lives and Property

When Boomer finds something he’s searching for, he is rewarded with a ball. His handler,
Det. John Lewitt, says Boomer prefers tug-of-war over fetch.
Photo via KING

Dogs who are abandoned at shelters are often viewed as somehow flawed—to active, too unruly, untrainable—but a great program speaheaded by the Boeing Company in Washington is. . .

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Chinese Millionaire Spends All His Money Saving Dogs

Wang Yan’s shelter has housed up to 1,000 dogs.
Photos via

When you think of dog stories coming out of China, with its anti-dog laws and dogmeat festivals, you usually don’t expect something uplifting. But here’s a beautiful story about a former. . .

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Vermont Dog Shelter Seeks Executive Director

Betty joined a loving forever home with an Orvis associate and her family.
Photo via facebook

We don’t often post job openings here on the Orvis Dogs blog, but our local shelter in Shaftsbury, Vermont—which Orvis helps to support with an annual grant—is looking for an executive . . .

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Meet the Man Who Has Rescued More Than 200 Dogs

“Takis” left his career as a dentist to focus on Greece’s stray dogs.
Photo via

The Greek economy has been a disaster for many years, as crisis after crises has kept the nation struggling to make ends meet. As a result, the country’s stray-dog population has. . .

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Teen Builds & Donates Agility Course for Shelter Dogs

Trainer Gina Lepine and Maddalena Mineo, 17, place treats on the agility plank to encourage Coco.
Photo by Barbaraellen Koch, via

Here’s a wonderful story from Long Island, New York, where a 17-year-old high-schooler, who took it upon herself to design and build an agility course for her local animal shelter. Young. . .

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“Fospice” Gives Terminally Ill Shelter Dogs Chance at a Happy Ending

Biscuit, a hefty 13-year-old Pit Bull, found a loving home for his final days.
Photo via

Here’s a beautiful story about a program that helps to find short-term forever homes for terminally ill shelter dogs, where they can live out their final days surrounded by love. Foster Dogs NYC. . .

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Video: Dogs Make Art to Raise Awareness About Shelters

An artist at work.
Photo via

Given yesterday’s video “Priceless Pets,” and the project described in the video above, it seems like folks in Brazil are really thinking outside the box to help shelter dogs and promote. . .

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