Classic Video: An Amazing But True Dog Story

Does this look like a dog who can be trained as a pet? He did to Samantha Browne.
Photo courtesy Samantha Browne

This is a great video about what can be accomplished with aggressive, supposedly “untrainable” dogs, such as Cerberus. Self-described “dog listener” Samantha Browne used patience, . . .

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Video: How Hard is it to be a Dog Trainer?

Training dogs alone is one thing, but five at a time?
Photo via

A television news program based in Georgia and South Carolina is in the midst of a “job swap” feature, in which reporters go out in the community to try out different jobs. This week, . . .

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The Life of a Guide-Dog Puppy Trainer

Jay Taylor and guide dog puppy Clover
Photo by Ken McKay/ITV/Rex Shutterstock via

Here’s a great article from The Guardian about Jay Taylor, a woman whose life is dedicated to training puppies to become guide dogs. As Training Supervisor for the English charity Guide. . .

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The Most Important Thing You Could Ever Teach Your Dog

Teaching your dog to come in distracting situations requires plenty of training.
Photo by Nicole Wild, via

All dog owners feel a little sense of pride when their dog comes on command. But in an article on the Huffington Post, canine behavior specialist Nicole Wilde asks you to consider whether. . .

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Video: Britney, the Amazing German Shepherd

Klára Nováková is a Czech dog trainer, and her star pupil, Britney, really struts her stuff in these videos. Britney is a two-year-old German Shepherd Dog who lives dog dancing, frisbee, and. . .

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Photos: Lunchtime “Stay” Training at Orvis

Orvis CEO Perk Perkins carries Feather back to her starting point after she had broken from “stay.”
Photos by Phil Monahan

At lunchtime, the lawn in front of our offices is usually full of dogs frolicking. Today, Orvis CEO Perk Perkins was out there working with his 13-week-old English Pointer, Feather, and I. . .

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Pro Tip: Hunt Your Dogs Even When You Can’t Shoot Birds

Written by: Tim Linehan, Linehan Outfitting Co.

You can get a lot of handling and hunting practice in, even if you don’t pull the trigger.
Photo by Tim Linehan

It’s been a mild winter here in northwestern Montana, and the grouse population is in good shape. With light snow pack, holdover birds are healthy, able to move about with little stress, and. . .

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