17 Dog-Training Tips. . .from 1949

Murph learns to stay put, even while excitement is happening around him.
Photo by Tim Bronson

The Dog Channel website is offering up something from the archives: training tips from the editors of Dog World magazine. What do you think? Have we learned much about dog training in. . .

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Essay: Does “Re-homing” Have to Be a Dirty Word?

Jen Bradley’s daughter with their dog when it was a puppy.
Photo via newsworks.org

Among dog lovers, “re-homing”—that is, giving a dog away to another home—represents a failure on the part of the original owner. But Jen Bradley argues that her family made every effort to accommodate their new puppy, going as. . .

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Washington Prisoners Take Dogs Scheduled for Death and Train Them for Forever Homes

Written by: Karen Diehm, Freedom Tails Editor/Photographer

Inmates work with their rescue dogs at Stafford Creek Corrections Center.
All photos by Karen Diehm

Since human’s interactions with our canine friends have shown to reduce stress and depression, Stafford Creek Corrections Center (SCCC), located in Aberdeen, Washington, implemented the Freedom Tails program in 2009. Freedom Tails, working in conjunction with. . .

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