Video: A Profound Message About Love, Loss, and Opening Your Heart Again

This is a powerful video from Kay Brown, a “Middle aged (40-something) college student majoring in Photography” from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She does an amazing job of taking the viewer along with her journey as she says goodbye to her beloved Jack Russell, Scooter, but she doesn’t stop there. Instead, the video goes on to explore how she learned to open her heart to a new dog.

It’s pretty powerful stuff.

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Video: Dog Invents His Own Watery Fetch Game

Here’s a great video of an ingenious dog in Kobe, japan, who has figured out how to use the currents in his local river to bring the ball back to him. It’s reminiscent of this older video of a. . .

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Video: People Come to the Rescue

Here is an amazing video from Russia, featuring footage of many dramatic dog rescues. The video quality is often poor, but what shines through is the dedication of these people to making sure that a dog is brought to safety. In some cases, all the dog needs is. . .

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