Video: Who’s Stalking Whom?

I love this video because it combines suspense and humor. Plus, it really highlights the amazing powers of concentration the Border Collies demonstrate. No wonder they are prized as working dogs on. . .

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Classic Video: An Amazing But True Dog Story

Does this look like a dog who can be trained as a pet? He did to Samantha Browne.
Photo courtesy Samantha Browne

This is a great video about what can be accomplished with aggressive, supposedly “untrainable” dogs, such as Cerberus. Self-described “dog listener” Samantha Browne used patience, . . .

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Video: A Big Therapy Dog Makes a Big Impact

Four-year-old Bandit is a rescue Great Dane, and he’s doing his part to help veterans and their families in Missouri. He seems to be just one of those dogs who can make everyone around. . .

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