Video: After Beating the Odds, Lentil the Dog is Giving Back

Lentil has become an “ambassadog” for children with clefts.
Photo by Lentil’s Facebook page

Six months ago, Lentil was born with a life-threatening abnormality. Now, the odds-beating bulldog is an ambassador for children who share his condition. Born with a cleft lip and nose, in addition to a hard and soft palate, Lentil was unable to eat or suckle. Facing imminent starvation, he was saved by. . .

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Video: New York Yankees Bat Dog Retires After 11-Year Career

After an illustrious career, a star member of the New York Yankee’s organization has officially retired. Chase, a 13-year-old golden retriever, served for the past 11 years as honorary bat dog for the Trenton Thunder, a Yankees minor-league team. A fan favorite for over a decade, Chase carried baseball bats to and from the dugouts, brought water bottles to umpires in between innings and, win or. . .

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Video: Eldad Hagar Rescues Three Abandoned Dogs

Here’s another wonderful video from Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws, although this one has a somewhat bittersweet ending. Three Chihuahuas, abandoned and shot by a BB gun, are living in a drive-through parking lot until Eldad comes along. Working with rescue organization Wags and Walks, he is determined to find these beautiful dogs a. . .

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Video: Pit Bull is Reunited with Owner After Three Years

Eric Hough and his pup Smoke are together again, after spending three years apart. The beloved pit bull disappeared from Hough’s Los Angeles home in 2010. But the years of pain came to a joyous end last month when Hough received some unexpected news…

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Coincidence or Fate? Service Dog Links Two Soldiers

Jake Murphy’s service dog Gabriel was originally intended for his brother in arms Derek McConnell.
Photo via 4 Paws

Two years ago, the lives of U.S. Army soldiers Jake Murphy and Derek McConnell became forever linked. After an exploding IED cost Jake both of his legs, Derek pulled him to safety where the two remained until medical help arrived. Only hours later, McConnell suffered an identical injury…

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Video: God Made a Dog

Some of you have surely seen this already, but somehow I missed this back in February. A co-worker just sent it to me. It’s a play on the “God Made a Farmer” commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. Great stuff.

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Video: How How Therapy Dogs Help in a Crisis

Spartacus with high-school students in Newtown, Connecticut, after the Sandy Hook tragedy.
Photo via

We post fairly frequently about therapy dogs rushing to the scene of a tragedy (shootings, bombings, tornadoes), but we rarely get good insight into exactly what these therapy dogs do. In this video, Brad Cole discusses his experience bringing his Akita, Spartacus, to help after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting and the. . .

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