See the Award-Winning “Sipping Dry” Online: Three Showings Only!

Until recently, Simon Perkins—Senior Manager of Sporting Traditions—sat right next to me here at Orvis HQ, where we spent a lot of time talking about fly-fishing videos. My interest stemmed from my weekly curation of the Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival here on the blog, and Simon came at the subject from the perspective of a filmmaker. So it was pretty exciting news when we learned that Simon took. . .

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Photo Essay: Catching the West Coast Hex Hatch

Written by: Tom Evenson, Western ELOG Program Director

Guide Chris Renzullo hoists a fat trophy rainbow that fell for a Hex imitation just before dark.
Photo by Doug Best

The Hex hatch was going off on the Williamson River when my colleague Doug Best and I were traveling through Oregon. The guys from Tailwater Fisheries called and said, “You have to check this out!” We also fished the nearby. . .

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My Favorite Dry Fly for Mountain Brook Trout

This fly has had most of the tail eaten right off it, a tribute to its effectiveness.
Photo by Phil Monahan

The best brook-trout waters near the Orvis HQ in southwestern Vermont are fast-flowing freestone streams, which feature lots of pocket water, so I need a high-floating fly that I can see even in frothy, turbulent water. In creating the Hi-Vis Coachman back in the late 1990s, I copied/stole aspects of the traditional Royal Coachman, the Hi-Vis Royal Wulff, and the. . .

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Video: How to Tie a Simple Foam Beetle

As the story (perhaps apocryphal) goes, someone once asked the British scientist J.B.S. Haldane what we could infer about the Creator from studying nature, and Haldane replied, “I’m not sure, but he has an inordinate fondness for beetles.” Haldan’s point was that beetles make up some 40% of known insects. And since trout eat insects, it’s only logical that trout share this inordinate fondness for such readily available sources of. . .

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Tuesday Tip: How to Tie and Fish Tandem Rigs

The classic “hopper-dropper” is but one option for fishing two flies in tandem.
Photo by Phil Monahan

Although multi-fly rigs have been around for centuries and have always remained popular in Europe, fishing more than one pattern was nearly a forgotten science in this country until about 20 years ago. In fact, even when angling magazines flooded the market with tandem-rig stories, many anglers outside the Rockies took a long time to catch on. For instance, my older brother, Brian, has been fly fishing since the. . .

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Pro Tip: Don’t Wait Until Summer to Fish Terrestrials

A Hi-Vis hopper is easy to see, even in rough water.
Photo via

If you think terrestrial imitations are only for summer fishing, you’re missing a great deal of dry-fly action. The normal thought is that trout ignore land-bred insects in the spring and early summer, until mayfly and caddisfly hatches dwindle with the heat of summer. They ignore terrestrials about as much as you ignore chocolate mousse when out to. . .

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