Mayflies Across America: Central Idaho

This week, our featured region is central Idaho. Famous for its technical spring-creek fishing, Idaho is home to dozens of different mayfly species, and to picky trout that sometimes key on minute details. Jeremy Silvas of Sun Valley . . .

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Tuesday Tips: Top 4 Dry Flies for Fall

Fall dry-fly fishing can be very productive.
Photo by Dave Jensen

The shorter days and crisper nights of fall turn the thoughts of many fly fishers to hunting trophy trout with streamers, but that doesn’t mean you should put away the 4-weight rod, floating. . .

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Bonus Video: Wander, Late April on the Bitterroot

This fly-fishing film was shot over the last four days of April in Missoula, Montana. According to filmmaker Joe Cummings, the spot, stalk, and catch of the brown trout at the end was real, difficult, and rewarding. He says that. . .

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