Another Eldad Hagar Rescue Update – Shaggy

Shaggy and her person Patty Hall
Photo via The State

We love the dramatic stories of Hope for Paws/Eldad Hagar’s wonderful dog rescues. Lately, we’ve also been hearing updates about these dogs we’ve come to feel we know. It’s so exciting to see these pups months later, settled in, comfortable, and most importantly, very much at home.

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Video: Teaching Janie to Trust Again

Here’s another great video from Eldad Hagar, but this one does not show a rescue. Instead, Eldad works with Janie, who came into a shelter after being hit by a car. She was so afraid of being touched that the vets had to sedate her to even examine her. You can see her violent reaction to. . .

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Video: Eldad Uses a New Trick to Rescue Parker

When a Redlands, California, school teacher saw someone throw a dog out of their car near her school, she called a friend who knew just who could help: Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws. By now, Eldad needs no introduction, as his videos have been moving us and thrilling us for. . .

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