Classic Pro Tips: Tandem Streamer Rigs for Fall Trout

Big brown trout like big flies, especially in the fall.
Photo by Shawn Combs

When the nights start to cool and leaves start to change colors, the thoughts of brown trout turn to procreation. To build up energy for the spawning ritual and to put on weight before the lean . . .

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Video: Tom’s Top 8 Flies for Fall Trout

Yesterday, Tom Rosenbauer hosted a Facebook Live session on his favorite patterns for catching trout in the fall. Since not everyone has Facebook–and so you don’t have to rewatch that lo-res compressed Facebook video–here’s an . . .

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Top 10 (and more!) Flies for Fall on the Upper Delaware

Capt. Joe Demalderis (left) has trouble deciding on just ten patterns for fall on his home waters.
Photo via Facebook

On the Upper Delaware system, fall is a bittersweet time of year for me. Bitter in so far as the season is coming to an all too quick close; sweet because the river lights up again like a final hurrah and . . .

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Pro Tips: Getting Pumped Up for Fall Fly Fishing

Big browns feed voraciously in preparation for the lean months ahead and will hammer a well-presented streamer.
Photo by Scott Feltrinelli

One of the problems with a blog is that we publish so frequently that some great content ends up buried. I hope all of you are using both the search box in the upper right and the tags on each post to. . .

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