Video: “A Reason to Fish”

Here’s the first film from the Just Add Water Project, a series of online film showings and discussions that are part of an ongoing effort to break down barriers to the outdoors. The goal is to increase representation of diverse and . . .

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The Everglades’ Wild Hope

We leave Flamingo at sunrise. The fishing guide, Jason Sullivan, guns the throttle of his skiff, beelining us through Whitewater Bay. We come to a stop in a river mouth—engine cut, wash shooshing against the stern—where the mud gives off the deep, . . .

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Photos and Story: A Magical Bonefish Morning

Written by: Chris Lewis

Once you’ve brought the first big South Florida bonefish to hand, the rest of the day is gravy.
Photos by Chris Lewis

The day starts with a zero-dark-thirty launch of the canoe. The less light, the better the odds of a hook up, so you become familiar with the darkness quickly. You must pole aggressively to cover . . .

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