Photos: Big Pete Meets Big Jack

Written by: Pete Kutzer

It wasn’t the permit he’d been looking for, but Pete will settle for a hard-charging jack.
Photo by Dave Yoder

My good friend Capt. Dave Yoder and I just spent a week fishing in the toughest tournament in the Keys: the March Merkin permit tournament out of Key West. After dealing with the frustrations with. . .

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Video: Stu Apte, Big Tarpon, and the Citrus Queen

Here’s a wonderful piece of archival footage featuring famous Florida Keys angler Stu Apte casting for big tarpon with a fiberglass rod. But he’s not in it just for the sport; no, he’s also trying to win the admiration of the Florida Citrus Queen, who is sporting a swell swimsuit. Check out the “rod stiffener” Apte threads into the butt section of his rod for more power. He lands two beauties here, but the editor has spliced in some shots of a real monster fish, as well.

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Classic Video: Casting for Tarpon with a Glass Fly Rod

I recently ran across this marvelous piece of archival film from the International Game Fish Association, which shows casting champion Bill True and guide Jim Brewer chasing tarpon in the Florida Keys sometime in the 1960s(?). It’s a great piece of history, and it will give you a sense of how much easier we have it now, when compared to the sport’s. . .

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Photos from the Water: Florida Tarpon with Jeff and Steve

Steve Hemkens gets hold of a beautiful Florida tarpon this afternoon.
Photo by Jeff Swedberg

As I type, Director of Orvis Rod & Tackle Steve Hemkens and Men’s Ecommerce Merchant Jeff Swedberg are down in Florida, fishing for tarpon. Both of them just sent me. . .

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Photo Essay: Overnight Kayak Trip in the Florida Keys

A pair of 8-pounders—one bonefish, one redfish—make for a killer double for Chris and Dan.
Photo by Chris Lewis

[Editor’s note: Chris Lewis of the Skinny Water Culture blog sent me these photos in an email, along with a note.] 

Here are a few shots from an overnight paddle trip in the Keys I did with a couple buddies a few days ago. I was on my SUP, and they were on kayaks. The weather and fishing were phenomenal. We even had shots at. . .

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