Classic Video Tip: How to Make a Serpentine Cast

Written by: Peter Kutzer

Welcome to another installment of “Ask an Orvis Fly-Fishing Instructor,” with me, Peter Kutzer. In this episode, I demonstrate how to make a serpentine cast, a slack-line presentation which. . .

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Podcast: Switch vs Spey, with Pete Kutzer

I get repeated questions about the differences between switch and Spey: people are often interested in two-handed fly fishing but not sure which set up they need. Even though I think I have . . .

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Pro Tips: 3 Ways to Deal with Casting in the Wind

To move your rod tip to the downwind side, don’t angle the rod across your body (left). Instead, just angle the rod so the tip is downwind.

In the mid 1990s, I spent a summer guiding on Alaska’s Copper River, which drains into Lake Iliamna. It’s a region known for constant, strong wind, so I spent a lot of time helping clients . . .

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Video Tip: How to Make a Bow-and-Arrow Cast

This time of year, many of us head for the high country, where streams remain cool in the dead of summer. But on many of these small streams, there’s no room for a backcast because of all. . .

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Video: Learn to Double-Haul with Pete Kutzer

The double haul is probably one of the more misunderstood casts in all of fly fishing, in two ways. First, many anglers believe that the double haul is too difficult to learn, that it requires some mystical. . .

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