Video: How to Cast Large or Heavy Flies

Many anglers find that their casting technique goes to pieces when they tie on a heavy streamer or large bass bug. In this great clip from “The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing,” Orvis casting instructor . . .

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Video Pro Tips: The Keys to Good Fly Casting

The road to becoming a fly fisher begins with casting. You need to get the fly to the fish, after all. But even many experienced anglers, especially those of us who are primarily self-taught, . . .

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Video Pro Tip: How to Cast in Heavy Wind

Written by: Peter Kutzer

Welcome to another installment of “Ask an Orvis Fly-Fishing Instructor,” with me, Peter Kutzer. In this episode, I demonstrate how to cast in windy conditions. Before we proceed, a word of caution: Whenever there’s any kind of wind, your first priority should always be. . .

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