Video: The Mouse-Eating Rainbows (and More!) of Alaska

The latest full-length video from Catch Magazine’s Todd Moen is an epic journey to western Alaska, where angler Brian O’Keefe throws mouse patterns to big rainbows, arctic char, and even grayling. The shots of the surface strikes are exciting, but as . . .

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Pro Tips: Four Hot Ways to Fish a Mouse Pattern

In mid-August, I hosted a trip to one of the most remote fisheries on the planet, the Kamchatka Peninsula, more specifically the Ozernaya River. The “Oz” is in the middle of a restricted Russian military zone halfway up the Peninsula, about 300 miles . . .

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Everything You Want to Know About Arctic Char (Salvelinus alpinus)

The male arctic char develops brilliant spawning colors in fall.
Photo by Nils Rinaldi from Lausanne, Switzerland, via Wikimedia Commons

The spectacular spawning colors of the male make the Arctic char one of the most photogenic game fish, but you must head to the far north or the high country of Europe to find. . .

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