“Bass-Bug Humbug,” by William G. Tapply

Written by: William G. Tapply

Bill Tapply had some awfully strong opinions about what makes a good bass bug.
Photo courtesy Vicki Stiefel

“It is with some degree of trepidation that I approach the subject of artificial flies [for bass],” wrote James A. Henshall in his Book of the Black Bass, “for I am afraid that I hold some very. . .

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Video: Alvin’s Favorite Bass Gear

Alvin Dedeaux of All Water Guides has been cranking out the content lately, and it’s good stuff. Last week, he shared his Top 5 Bass Flies, and now he’s back to show you the exact gear he uses for bass in Texas. He goes through the whole shebang–from . . .

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Pro Tips: Alvin’s Top 5 Flies for Bass

I would assume that, by now, Alvin Dedeaux of All Water Guides needs no introduction. After decades of guiding fly fishers for bass in his native Texas, Alvin has settled on five patterns that can get the job done, whether you’re . . .

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Classic Video: Desert Bass & Bull Bluegills

Here’s the latest installment of the “Buffet Series” from Gilbert Rowley and Phil Tuttle. In this video, they head for the desert, where they find sand, sun, lizards, and some killer fly fishing for largemouth bass and bluegills. The . . .

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Fish Facts: Largemouth Bass, a.k.a Ol’ Bucketmouth

Illustration by Duane Raver via USFWS

Among the more widely distributed game fish in North America, and now around the world, the largemouth bass is prized for its aggressive feeding habits and violent strikes. A big bass blowing up the water around a popper chugging across flat water is. . .

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Classic Pro Tips: 7 Keys to Catching River Bass

Written by Winston Cundiff, All Water Guides

River bass require a specialized set of skills and tactics that are very different from those of trout fishing.
All photos courtesy Winston Cundiff

I recently read a “how-to” article about bass fishing on the fly and watched an older video that put tournament gear fisherman alongside a fly guy in the Sacramento Delta. Both were very. . .

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Video: How to Catch Bass on a Fly

In this great episode from season 1 of the Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing, Tom Rosenbauer shows you how to find and catch bass, which are the number one sport fish in America, for good reason. They are great fighters and are . . .

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Video: “Airstreamer” by Todd Moen

Todd Moen of Catch Magazine has pulled another great video from the vault and posted it on Youtube. As usual, this one stars Brian O’Keefe, who catches some fine trout, bass, and carp in a . . .

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