Photos: Giants and Bones at Christmas Island

Written by: Tim Cundari

That’s how you celebrate fulfilling a dream you’ve had for 20 years.
Photos courtesy Tim Cundari

Making it to Christmas Island has been a 20-year goal and dream for me. This April I made the pilgrimage. In order to enjoy and maximize the experience, I knew preparation for the. . .

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Classic Story: An Old Rod and New Fish

Written by: Greg Vincent, H2O Bonefishing

Dad and son share the moment after landing a great fish.
Photo courtesy H2O Bonefishing

The two images attached are of Don Latessa (who was 86 years old) and Nate Latessa (Don’s son), both from Cleveland, Ohio. This was their first trip for bonefish. They spent three days. . .

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Video: “Rusty Fly” by Dan Decibel

On this (hopefully) last frigid morning of the year in the Great White North, it feels good to enjoy a little tropical bonefish action from the Florida Keys, featuring Dan Decibel and friends. These. . .

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Classic Video: El Agua del Franco

Sharptail Media sent us this gorgeous video shot on a fact-finding (read: fish-finding) mission to an unnamed Caribbean country a while ago. There’s been quite a bit of news about this. . .

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Video: Why Do We Love Bonefish?

Now that the U.S. is normalizing relations with Cuba, we can expect to see a lot more saltwater videos from a part of the world that was off-limits to most American anglers for the past half . . .

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Belize, Day 2: A Slammin’ Day on the Flats

The post-landing permit fist-bump signaled a change in plan for our day on the water.
All photos by Phil Monahan

On our second day of fishing at El Pescador, I got paired with the great Kirk Deeter—editor of Trout and Angling Trade Magazines, as well as one of the minds behind. . .

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