Orvis/TU 1,000 Miles: Impatient Brookies…and how you can help!

Native Brook Trout take advantage of a plastic lined diversion stream
Photo by Trout Unlimited

So how would you feel about having to wait thirty years to spawn?! Yeah, us too. But before we send you off to read about how Orvis and TU solved this frustrating situation for a bunch of. . .

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Video: Alpine Brookies in Colorado

George Souhlaris and fellow traveling angler Dave Gedalia made a grueling 6.5 mile hike up to a pristine lake at 11,750 feet somewhere in beautiful central Colorado. As this video shows, . . .

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Video: Spring Fish Reel 2015

If you like fly-fishing videos that cut right to the good stuff, then you’ll enjoy the latest from Jake Patton. Combining scenes from trips to big-brown waters to gorgeous mountain brookie. . .

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Photos: The Mouse and the Big Maine Brook Trout

Sandy and his daughter, Ava, share in the excitement of a big, wild, mouse-eating brook trout.
Photos by Sandy Hays

My friend Sandy Hays—whom I’ve known since high school and who has photographed many of my international fishing adventures—has a great love of mouse patterns, and he brings them along, . . .

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Scientists Find Parasites in Brook Trout on the Rise

By Jack Williams, Trout Unlimited

Gill lice in a Wisconsin brook trout.
Photo courtesy Wisconsin Trout Unlimited

In Wisconsin, Department of Natural Resources staff are finding increasing rates of gill lice parasitism in brook trout as waters warm. In North Carolina, the same gill lice have been. . .

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Fly Fishing History: The Beloved Brook Trout

If the eastern brook trout, Salvelinus fontinalis, could read and understand but a part of the praises that have been sung of him in prose and verse through all the years, what a pampered princeling and nuisance he would become! But to his credit, he has gone on being the. . .

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Video: Fly Ohio—Mad River Fields

When you’re listing off fly-fishing states, Ohio comes pretty far down—probably not even in the top half. But there are passionate fly fishers everywhere, and most folks are fond of their. . .

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