Photos: The Last Gorgeous Brookie Day of the Season?

The brookies we found up high on the creek were small but beautiful.
Photo by Tom Rosenbauer

Okay, seriously, when it’s 77 degrees in October in Vermont, you must go fishing, even if you’re at work and you fished yesterday. Tom and I snuck out again at lunchtime, picked up my friend Josh, and headed into. . .

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Photos: Taking Advantage of Indian Summer

This time of year, the brookies get even darker and more buttery.
All photos by Phil Monahan

Our trout season is winding down here in Vermont, as a combination of cold nights and rivers full of leaves tend to make the trout sulky. So when an October day dawns like this one did—with bright sun and temperatures. . .

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Photos: A Western Angler Discovers East Coast Brookies

Written by: Phoebe Bean

The colors on these wild, native brook trout are amazing.
Photo by Phoebe Bean

Fishing in Vermont has taken some time to get used to. Having grown up in the west, I am accustomed to big rivers and not having to worry too much about my back casts. Although navigating the small mountain streams in the East is a much different experience, it’s. . .

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Photo of the Day: Maritimes Monster

Canadian angler Malorie Crispo landed this 3.5-pound brook trout on an Ice Leech while fishing an undisclosed
river on the eastern coast of Nova Scotia last Sunday. You can tell from her hair that it was a windy day, too.
Photo courtesy Malorie Crispo
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Photos: The “20 Days in September” Project

This beauty came from a swimming hole that had been full of people all day long.
Photos by Phil Monahan

Although meteorological summer doesn’t end for another three weeks, Labor Day is usually considered the end of the season. The kids are back at school, summer hours at work are over, and the nights are growing increasingly. . .

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Photos: Lunchtime Lessons on the Brookie Stream

Josh took this colorful fellow from a deep spot right against a fallen tree.
Photo by Phil Monahan

I’ve been teaching my friend Josh how to fly-fish for a couple years now, and we’re at the point where he’s just fine-tuning his cast. Josh lives right on one of our great local mountain streams just a few minutes from the. . .

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Honoring a Husband’s and Father-in-Law’s Love of Fly Fishing

Written by: Miles Townes, Orvis Arlington

Helen’s first trout was a beautiful wild brook trout.
Photo courtesy Orvis Arlington

Helen came to our shop on a slow Tuesday morning with a carload of fishing equipment—mostly fly rods and assorted tackle, but also spinning rods and massive surfcasting rods. She told us she had a goal: she wanted to. . .

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