Video: Huge Dry-Fly Brook Trout in Labrador

Here’s another killer full episode of The New Fly Fisher, this time focused on giant, dry-fly-eating brook trout in Labrador. Host Bill Spicer casts both from a boat and while wading, and the fish seem more than willing. There are also plenty of great . . .

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#MomentofChill: Clear-Water Beauty

Here is your Monday morning #MomentofChill, shot by Pat Clayton (a.k.a. the Fish Eye Guy) and starring a gorgeous brook trout finning in absolutely clear water. Among the world’s most beautiful freshwater fish, . . .

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#MomentofChill 11.25.19: Acadia Natives

The Atlantic coast of Maine is a harsh environment for a brook trout, yet these hardy natives have existed in the streams and ponds of Acadia National Park since the last ice age. Brook trout require cold, clean well-oxygenated water to survive, and . . .

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“Porcupine Brook,” by William G. Tapply

Finding a wild-brook-trout stream by accident is the best part about wandering through the woods.
Photo by Phil Monahan

I happened upon Porcupine Brook while exploring some promising woodcock cover last October. Burt, my Brittany, had wandered off, as he often does, and when I could no longer hear his bell. . .

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Tips for Fishing High-Elevation Lakes for Brook Trout

My friend Jeff and I recently took our families to explore a high elevation lake and stream in the Uinta Mountains of Utah for a couple of days. The hike to the lake was only about a mile, but we had heard good things about it. When we arrived, . . .

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The Doc, the River, and Lessons Learned

Doctor Hays casts one of his Leonard bamboo rods–left to him by his father–on Maine’s Rapid River.
Photos by Sandy Hays

Although I had been a fisherman since early childhood, I didn’t learn to fly-fish until I was in graduate school at the University of New Hampshire. My older brother, Brian, lived nearby, . . .

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