Photos: Late-Season Dry Flies on the Battenkill

This wild brook trout fell for a blue-winged olive imitation fished on a long, fine leader.
All photos by Robin Hill

It’s been a tough fall for anglers on the Battenkill, as drought conditions include extremely low and clear water. But last weekend, my friend Doug Lyons found that cooler temperatures had made . . .

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Video: Crisp Brook-Trout Days in New England

Here’s a sweet little edit from our neck of the woods, as filmmaker Robb Morrell casts dry flies for brook trout on a New England stream. There’s some cool scene-setting cinematography, and . . .

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Video: Summer Brookies in North Carolina

We post a lot of amazing fish (see yesterday’s 32.5-inch Alaskan rainbow), but we all know that fly-fishing is about more than size. This great video from Folkus Media drives that point home, as . . .

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Photo of the Day: A Green-Mountain Native Son

Size isn’t everything. Native trout display some spectacular colors.
Photo by Phil Monahan

As part of my “20 September Days” project, I’ve been getting out at lunchtime to fish the gorgeous mountain stream just five minutes from Orvis HQ in southwestern Vermont. In recent days, I . . .

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Classic Photos: The Mouse and the Big Maine Brook Trout

Sandy and his daughter, Ava, share in the excitement of a big, wild, mouse-eating brook trout.
Photos by Sandy Hays

My friend Sandy Hays—whom I’ve known since high school and who has photographed many of my international fishing adventures—has a great love of mouse patterns, and he brings them along, . . .

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Photos: Saying Goodbye to Arizona’s Mountain Streams

There is nothing like a fresh rod set-up and some small-stream wild trout to break it in.
Photo by Tyler Coleman

This is a bittersweet post for me, as this was my last trip fishing the Arizona small creeks as a resident of the state. The time has come to relocate my family to Michigan, where we have. . .

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