Photo Essay: The Rare Sea-Run Brookies of the Northeast

Written by: Colie Egertson

Sea-run brook trout are a rarity worth preserving in their native coastal habitat.
All photos by Colie Egertson

The streams in which sea-run brook trout live are small, snaking slowly through the pine forests and salt marshes of coastal Massachusetts on their way to the ocean. At first glance, they. . .

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Photos of the Day: Chilly-Weather Brookies in Arizona

Written by: Tyler Coleman

Brook trout are my favorite fish because of their awesome coloration and the extreme aggressiveness-to-size ratio.
Photos by Tyler Coleman

Last week, I went out with the family in search of our favorite local wild fish, brook trout. The very small creek we went to is tough to fish and can get technical, depending on the. . .

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Photos: Zen and the Art of Brook Trout

Wild brook trout are well worth the hike in to headwaters streams.
All photos by Mike Jennette

Reader Mike Jennette caught this sweet, 9.5-inch wild brook trout last month in Mitchell County, North Carolina. He was casting a size 10 Olive Woolly Bugger in a crystal-clear, . . .

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Trout Bum of the Week LVII: Brian Kozminski

Kozminski feels blessed by the miles and miles of quality water near his home in northern Michigan.
All photos courtesy Brian Kozminski

Brian Kozminski (or “Koz” to his buddies) is one of those guys I’ve been Facebook friends with for years but whom I’ve never met. It’s clear from our online relationship, however, that this is. . .

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Photo of the Day: A Kaleidoscope of Color

It’s tough to beat a wild brook trout for spectacular colors.
Photo by Greg Miller

Greg Miller—Head Guide at Orvis Streamside in Traverse City, Michigan—sent in this great shot of a gorgeous brook trout that he caught back in August on one of his local streams. The purple. . .

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Trip Report: Fly-Fishing the Spectacular Bernese Alps

Written by: Oliver Streuli, Firebelly

Two scouting trips showed the author what great angling opportunites are available to those willing to hike.
All photos by Oliver Streuli, except where noted

A little over a year ago, I was standing in Lava Creek in Yellowstone National Park, casting a tattered Royal Wulff to eager brook trout with my Superfine Glass 3-weight. I did a ton of. . .

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Photos: A Solo Brook-Trout Journey in GSMNP

They do not grow large, but Southern Appalachian brookies are stunning.
Photos by Damon Bungard

Recent Trout Bum of the Week Damon Bungard sent in these great images from a recent hiking trip into Great Smoky Mountains National Park in western North Carolina in search of brook. . .

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